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Every lady out there should come to Lucy La Riot for the full pin up experience. I'm just a regular gal who loves a good cat eye/red lip combo and didn't expect to ever do a pin up spread. But when the opportunity came up, I took a leap and boy am I glad I did.

The photographer Anna is so sweet and down to earth. She'll make you feel like the most glamorous version of yourself. Not to mention the hair and makeup was unreal. Can I get my hair and makeup done everyday at Lucy La Riot? 

And the photos? Well the photos speak for themselves!

Congratulations to Lucy La Riot on the new storefront. Williamsburg is lucky to have her!




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I have been contemplating doing a pin up photoshoot for years and finally decided to take the plunge. I am so happy I found a studio located right in my borough that offers reasonable prices.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Anna, the photographer of Lucy La Riot. Pin up modeling and photoshoots may seem intimidating but Anna takes the pressure right off. She is incredibly friendly and sweet; it felt like hanging out with a friend. Anna worked with me to find the perfect themes for the photo session. She has a wide array of cute retro clothing ranging from size x-small to x-large so finding a look is not a problem. I was very happy with the makeup and hair looks she did on me. She made me feel very confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

Anna sent me the contact sheets a few hours after my shoot and I selected six to retouch. When I got the retouched versions back, I was so ecstatic that I asked her to retouch five more of them! It was hard to believe that that was me in the photos. I highly recommend that every woman visits Lucy La Riot for a photoshoot. Pin up caters to every type of woman; regardless of size, shape, color, age, etc. It was an incredibly amazing and empowering experience and I will definitely be returning to her in the future.




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Had a wonderful experience at Lucy La Riot. Anna, the photographer/make up artist extraordinaire is very friendly & personable. She makes you feel super comfortable and at ease, even for first timers (like me) in front of the camera.

I did the package with 4 outfit changes. Anna helped me pose & took her time taking plenty of photos of each outfit. Even with the 3 hour time limit on the session, it did not feel rushed.

I had contact sheets of my photos within a few hours of my shoot! Then came the extremely difficult task of narrowing down which photos I wanted. All the photos were so fantastic, It was seriously difficult to make a decision. Once I submitted my choices I had beautifully retouched photos back to me within a few days.

I was impressed with the quality of the photos & how quickly she was able to get them back to me! All & All everything was fantastic. Anna has all the tools needed to turn you into a cheeky pin up of yesteryear. I will definitely book another session in the future.




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I had been contemplating what to get my boyfriend for our first anniversary gift and stumbled upon Lucy La Riot on my walk to work. The adorable photos in the window featured women of all shapes and sizes, and the entrance of the quaint shop felt playful/welcoming and not in any way intimidating. Something told me I just had to give it a try. So I booked an appointment for a two hour session.

When I arrived for my photo shoot I was greeted by the lovely Anna (photographer and owner). She at once made any insecurities I had about being in front of the camera vanish as she helped me find a look (outfit, hair, and makeup) that felt right for me. There were so many outfits to choose from and at no time did I feel pressured to hurry up and choose, instead she guided me around the well-equipped store and encouraged me to choose something I felt comfortable with. It was like having a close friend go clothes shopping with you!

By the time I got in front of the camera I felt completely comfortable (and pretty darn confident too!) in my get-up and was ready to get the shots underway. Anna again guided you through poses and really made sure she was getting the shots I'd be happy with.

Once we wrapped up, she promised to send the contact sheets later that day and the re-touched photos of my selection a week after, both of which she did. She was the consummate professional - personal, communicative, and someone focused on delivering a high quality product. I would most definitely book again with her and have already recommended all my gal pals to do the same.

She helped make my anniversary present so special! Thank you again, Anna.




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Had such an amazing experience at Lucy La Riot; I was looking for a fun, alternative bachelorette party idea and a 50's style photo shoot with Anna turned out to be perfect. 

First off, Anna was super helpful while coordinating everything. On the day of the shoot the six of us girls showed up and had an absolute blast. The wardrobe selection is superb and the makeup/hair is super sexy and fun. The best part was how comfortable Anna made everyone feel -- even the most reserved girls in the group really got into it. 

Also, the bride loved her shots so much that she booked another session -- if that's not a rave I don't know what is!




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Although I've always wanted to do something like this, it's not something I'm comfortable with.  I don't even like to have my picture taken in "real life" ever.  So I was nervous as hell, sincerely expecting the photographer would sit me down, look me in the eye, and say 'you're too old and not photogenic enough for this.' Then I imagined I would be led into a separate room where I would be put to sleep for the good of society. 

Spoiler: none of that happened and I had a blast.  Anna is sweet and helpful and makes you feel at home. I got the proofs like, five seconds after leaving, and am looking forward to the retouched versions. 

Bottom line: you need to do this, don't overthink it.




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I was there a couple weeks ago for an impromptu Boudior session. Oh man, it was the most fun I've had in a LONG time. I've never had pictures taken, much less in my underpants, but I was immediately so comfortable with Anna. She made it so effortless,


I was actually excited about the process. Her work is amazing and I had so many pictures I loved, I was hard to decide which to get retouched! I recommend her to everyone. The communication was superb, I had the contact sheets within 24 hours and my retouched photos within 3 days. I love this and can't wait to book again!




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I recently had a pinup shoot with Anna and have to say I was extremely happy with the results. I was pretty nervous and am not a person that's natural in front of a camera and her and her assistant made me feel very comfortable. 

The whole experience was well worth the cost and the wardrobe selection was awesome! 

Hair and makeup was authentic and photographed well. Guidance on poses was provided which was most helpful because posing is harder than it looks!

Hundreds of digital proofs were provided and the final shots were retouched nicely. I printed them at Adorama in Flatiron and they came out great.

Overall a great, fun, confidence-boosting experience! Would def go back.




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Well, where do I even start?! 

I've known about Lucy La Riot for quite sometime now and I've always been interested in pinup. I thought that since Valentines Day is right around the corner and I wanted to do something interesting and different for my boyfriend (and myself), I would finally get enough courage to book my session with Anna! Now... I'm not the most confident person in the wold about their body so doing this photoshoot took a lot for me, but I am SO glad that I had the courage to do it! 

First of all, the second you walk in the studio Anna makes you feel more than comfortable. I've read other reviews and people have said that she makes all insecurities disappear, which is 100% true. I was so nervous the day before and walking into the studio, but she really cleared up ANY worries or insecurities I had. Made me feel right at home. 

Everything about the shoot with Anna was so beyond great. She did my hair and make up, which was pinup perfect. For wardrobe, I picked out anything and everything black/red. She helped mix and match all my choices. I was a little shy about trying on some of the things I picked out, but I thought to myself that I should try something different, and if I liked it and it feels good, wear it and feel sexy! Which everything that I ended up wearing in my shoot, I felt so great it. Didnt even think twice about anything!! Also, I've never done a REAL photoshoot before so I warned her that I was really inexperienced with posing and such. She coached me through every move and pose, I couldn't have asked for a better coach! haha 

I feel like my review doesn't even come close to how great this experience was in general and working with Anna! Pretty much obsessed haha 

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend working with Anna, she is SO sweet and beyond personable. My shoot was perfect and I cant wait to go back for more shoots!




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I've never considered myself a beautiful girl. I've never felt positive about myself. Deciding to have a photo session done of me was terrifying. But I wanted to give my husband something nice as an anniversary gift. This was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself and for him. I look at my photos everyday and say "wow! These are BEAUTIFUL!!" I'm so proud to show them. My husband went nuts for them.


Anna made me feel so normal and comfortable. We laughed A LOT. and she helped me find something I didn't know was in me- confidence. I thoroughly plan to go back and do more sessions. I may be an addict!!!  Very easy to drive to location. Clean and cosy and very professional. Also worth trying if you're interested is her Brooklyn Pinup School. So much info and such a fun day!  Thank you Anna. Xoxo