We offer a few main session styles for sessions for individual client bookings, click each below to browse a gallery of images in that style.


We also offer Deluxe Sessions for special themes and sweetheart sessions.

We also strive to offer frequent exclusive shoot out days at the studio (which often feature popular hair/makeup artists in the pinup scene).


Look through our galleries below to see which style fits you best, then view our session packages that you can match with any of our standard session styles.



In addition to our main session styles, we also offer:

   - Deluxe Sessions for special themes and elaborate sets

   - Sweetheart Sessions for themed couples shoots

   - Burlesque Sessions for performers


The above styles all come with a special rate that differs from our usual session packages (click each gallery for more rate info).


If you'd like to shoot with one of our usual session packages (Pin Me Up package, Bombshell package, Calendar Girl package) check out the above galleries that can be paired with those packages.