We want to keep you safe, please help keep us safe as well!  After almost a year of halting sessions we are excited to be able to resume shooting, now that our safety protocols have been perfected.  Please read through everything below prior to your session.








Our sessions are all now 100% one-on-one, meaning no guests/friends are allowed to come along to sessions.  We are limiting our client bookings to one session per day, so we have the time to fully reset and sanitize the studio space between clients.  Since Anna takes care of all aspects of the session herself (hair, makeup, styling & photography) we are fortunate to be able to keep the amount of people on set to only two people to minimize risk.


Masks are mandatory, Anna will be wearing a KN95 mask for the entire session, and clients are required to wear a mask when they arrive, and for the parts of their session where it is possible.  We ask all clients to use hand sanitizer upon arrival to the studio.


All stations and high-touch areas will be sanitized between clients.  Though the studio is part of Anna's home, it is on a separate floor from living space to minimize risks/contamination, and the studio has a bathroom for client use.


For makeup application, we have converted to mostly disposable applicators, and any makeup brushes used will be cleaned and sanitized with alcohol between clients.  Lashes are always new for each client, and all lipstick/eyeliner applications will be applied with disposable tools.  Makeup will be used off of a sanitized makeup palette with a sanitized spatula to minimize contamination.


Hair tools will be sanitized with alcohol between each session.


Temporarily, we ask clients to not bring along any food/drink to their sessions (if you need a medical exception to this rule we are happy to accommodate but please let us know in advance).







PLEASE email us to RESCHEDULE your session, we are happy to accommodate session reschedules if you are not feeling well, have a fever, or may have been exposed.  Do not worry about forfeiting your deposit, if you are rescheduling for a health concern we are happy to transfer deposits to a new shoot date.


For our safety, we ask clients to please not attend high-risk gatherings in the week prior to their sessions.  We understand that things come up, so if you need to reschedule for a safer date we are more than happy to do so.


If you have any questions related to covid-safety or studio sanitization, please reach out to us as we are happy to address any concerns.


We are doing all that we can for the safety of our clients, PLEASE do us the same courtesy to keep sessions safe and fun.