At Lucy La Riot, I believe in a feminist, body/sex positive magazine.  Running and publishing a nude magazine is a delicate process that I want to be as consensual, fun and exciting as possible.


To be 100% transparent with our DAYDREAM featured models, I have created this page as a private walkthrough to how things work for featured model photoshoots, featured model interviews, edition promotion/social media postings, and sales.


Since I would love to have you as a featured model, here's everything I'd like you to know so you're fully aware of the process...

One of the first steps of being a DAYDREAM featured model is shooting your photo set!  I will go over the theme/location with you prior to shooting.  We will decide on wardrobe together.  All DAYDREAM sets begin in lingerie and end nude.  About 25% of the photo set is lingerie, 25% topless, and 50% fully nude. 


I try to be very clear with models in terms of nudity, so that no one is out of their comfort level.  DAYDREAM sets are fully nude (it is not implied nudity).  In the plainest sense, chest/butt will show for photos,  and we technically shoot frontal nudity though legs remain closed.


If this is beyond your comfort level just let me know and there are no hard feelings.  I absolutely understand and never want to push someone into anything they are uncomfortable with.  Below are some examples of featured model nudity levels.


You will be asked to sign a model release form for your photo set.

The second part of being a DAYDREAM featured model, is choosing the charity that the edition will benefit, and doing an interview centered around that cause and charity organization.


We will work together on narrowing down a cause and specific charity for your edition to benefit.  Past editions have supported causes like: sex workers' rights & safety, cannabis criminal justice reform, and reproductive justice.  Upcoming editions will support: prison reform, domestic violence awareness/prevention, LGBTQ+ rights & safety, and mental health.


Shortly after your photo session day, we will schedule an interview session that we will do via zoom.  I will send you some talking points that I want to cover during your interview to help you prepare.  Interview audio is recorded, later transcribed, and I will send you the text to look over prior to publishing.  If you'd like to add any other thoughts I am happy to add those in after the interview is over, or I may ask you to elaborate on any points as well.

You will be sent your final photo set so you can see what's going to be printed in the magazine, prior to it being sent to print.  


In addition to your interview and photo set, there will be more content in the edition you are featured in.  Each edition usually has an article about the topic we are covering (written by someone I know/select) along with a photo of them.  These photos are not nude and tend to be more portrait style.


I also feature artists and illustrators in each edition who specialize in pinup/sexy styles, and they create art centered around the theme.  The artists and writers featured in the edition will also be promoting the magazine, and I ask models to credit them when posting about the edition.  Here's a peek at the type of artists I feature:



Each new edition of DAYDREAM is released around the first of the month (if you are the September edition, it will launch around September 1st).  I send to print about two weeks prior to release date.


I promote and announce each new edition on my Instagram page, and it will be for sale on the DAYDREAM page of my website (  You will be tagged in Instagram posts, and since we are trying to make sales to raise money for charity, I expect models to promote their edition of the magazine.  I also ask to make sure to tag the artists/writers in the edition as well so they get credited for their work.


PLEASE consider if you are comfortable with being tagged on social media, and promoting your edition.  I don't make any specific requests for promotion, but I do want models to post about the project (as hopefully you are excited about it!).


In the days before the launch, I will send over a final promo pack of things that you will be able to use for social media etc (sample below), images that contain nudity will be censored similarly to below.





I know this is a lot of information, but I want to be 100% transparent about how things work and what the expectations/commitments are. This is a project I'm very passionate about and am excited to have so many amazing people on board helping out to make the editions amazing.


If you are feeling uncomfortable with any of these aspects please let me know.  So much work goes into each edition beyond just my work and the photo set, so I want models to be on board and excited about the process.


If this may not be for you (even if you thought it was prior to reading this) I completely understand and prefer models to be upfront about that early on so I have time to re-cast editions prior to shooting etc. 


There will be no hard feelings at all, just chat with me :)


Thanks for reading!!